1 Add samba function
2 Update the manual apk (change the screenshots related to OTA upgrade, add dynamic model adaptation)
3 Turn off the CEC master switch by default
4 Settings–>Display–>Add the “Status Bar Status” switch to solve the problem that the top status bar is displayed when the YouTube video is played.
5 Add the sound switch option in TvSettings>Droid Settings>Audio>Audio Output (by default, only HDMI has sound output)
6 Add when the SD card or USB is not inserted, the system switch prompts to insert the SD card or USB
7 Add Setting->System->About device->Ethernet MAC address display
8 Tvsettings->Device Preferences->About Remove the display of security level
9 Change “Root swich” to “Root Switch” in developer mode
10 When you click the select button for local upgrade, if the USB flash drive or SD card is not inserted, it prompts to insert the SD card or USB flash drive: {Change USB flash drive to USB flash drive”}
11 Insert SD/TF card, U disk, hard disk, use the remote control to click Settings–>Storage, there is no “format” option in this location

12 Change the selected color of the item of Settings to green
13 Applications and notifications -> application permissions: the remote control focus is gray, changed to green
14 Memory: Click the button, the focus of the remote control in the selection box is gray and changed to green
15 Install the 3rd party apk, the pop-up selection dialog box remote control focus is gray, changed to green
16 When watching a video, the color of the focus in the dialog box of choosing which player to play with is changed to green

17 Settings–>Network and Internet->Portable Hotspot->WLAN Hotspot, the “off” button responds slowly; after the “off” button is turned off, it cannot be selected from top to bottom
18 Settings -> Network and Internet -> Click “WLAN” to enter, use the remote control to turn off the “Use WLAN” switch, the “Use WLAN” switch can no longer get the focus
19 Settings–>Connected devices: the remote control clicks “Currently Connected” and the media device does not respond, turn on the flying mouse and click the setting icon to “cancel save” or “disconnect” the connected Bluetooth device
20 Settings–>Apps and Notifications->View Listed Apps->App Information, unable to get the focus of the app “display notification” switch
21 Settings–>System->Language and input method->Language: You can’t click to switch languages ​​with the remote control, you can only use the flying mouse to press and hold the “OK” key to move up to switch languages
22 Settings–>Apps and Notifications->Google Play Store->Notifications, the “Show Notification” button has no focus, and there is no response when you click the button. It is only valid when you click the button with the flying mouse.
23 Settings–>Apps and Notifications->Notifications->Default notification sound: When the focus of the remote control moves to “add ringtone”, it will flash back or pop up a prompt box: anroid.process.medial stops running repeatedly, and there is no problem when clicking with the mouse .
24 Settings–>Apps and Notifications->Notifications->Do Not Disturb Mode->Notifications: The remote control has no focus and cannot be clicked. You can only open the mouse click option.
25 Settings–>Apps and Notifications->Remove “Special Application Permissions” and click the “Paid SMS Permission” option and the “Battery Optimization” option
26 Settings–>System->Backup->Back up my data: the “Close” button cannot be selected from top to bottom
27 Settings–>Accessibility->Stay Time: After using the remote control to turn off the “Use Service” button, the remote control can no longer select the “Use Service” switch without flying mouse button
28 Settings–>Accessibility->Subtitles: After using the remote control to turn off the “Use subtitles” switch, the remote control cannot select the “Use subtitles” switch from top to bottom
29 Settings–>Accessibility->Color correction: After turning off the “Use color correction” button on the remote control, the remote control cannot select the “Use color correction” switch from top to bottom
30 version number changed to 910P0