1.TvSettings–>Droid Settings–>Sound, add the option of sound output from all interfaces at the same time, (and fix the problem that the audio output status is incorrect when the box is restarted)
2.Settings–>Display–>Add the “status bar status” switch to show or hide the top status bar, and solve the problem that the top status bar is displayed when the youtube video is played back by customers
3.Optimize the focus disappearing problem of the file manager
4.Fix the problem that the machine will restart when you drag the progress bar of the video or press the return key when playing avs+ video
5.Fix the problem that the text description is incorrect when the sleep option is selected to the never sleep option
6.Fix the problem of system ui reporting an error (flash screen) after the display is adjusted to the maximum and the bottom navigation bar is pulled up
7.Fix the problem of returning to the main UI interface when the display is rotated to the vertical screen or reverse vertical screen after the display is adjusted to the maximum, and the UI main interface reports an error
8.Fix the problem of abnormal Chinese date display after the display font is adjusted to the maximum
9.Fix the problem that the file manager will reopen after inserting the 2.4G usb receiver or keyboard after opening the file manager