Google prioritizes Android TV 9 Pie and Xiaomi Mi Box S is delayed

It seems that Google wants to get serious with the Android TV system and soon we will see Android 9 Pie in many official devices, according to statements of those responsible in the offices of Google already have several test models running this system under development. A new version that tries to break the fragmentation and the slow updates of the brands in their Android TV devices since the improvement of the ecosystem is a key point in the acceptance of the users.

Android tv 9 pie pre d01

According to the comments of Google the Android TV system based on Android 9 Pie will be mandatory from December 2018 for all products that are certified to use Android TV a move that ensures the integration of Project Treble on all their devices, using this method Google can launch updates without relying on software from the end manufacturers. The system will be available in the official version soon and we can all download it, logically the official support is only for devices associated with Google, the rest of unofficial low-cost TV-Boxes will continue to depend on the output of firmware updated by the manufacturers, but with Treble will make it easier to update them too.

Among the latest comments from Google regarding Android TV 9 Pie, we must highlight the support by default for webcams to use in videoconferencing and security systems, as well as native support for the PS4 Dualshock Gamepad. All this interest of Google in improving Android TV has a secondary motivation, with the boom of the platform doubling users every year and the implementation of Google Assistant it is possible to monetize much more content and therefore Google and its platform partners can get more benefits.

Android treble scene n02

These movements of Google to implement Android TV 9 Pie in all models have caused us to see delayed the launch of the new Xiaomi Mi Box S, a renewed version of the current Xiaomi Mi Box International that only changes at the external design level and in the command to distance that now has a button for Netflix, you can read our review of this model in its Chinese version Xiaomi Mi box 4. This model is expected to come on the market maybe with Android TV 9 by default (Amlogic is avoiding to update Oreo other products to jump directly to Pie, as we see in the IBC announcement) trying to avoid all the problems introduced by the Android Oreo update.

xiaomi mi box s pre n01

Sources: Youtube, GoogleXDA and talks in the IFA 2018

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Upgraded my MiBox4 to pie9 and the microphone on the remote quit working. Guessing bad driver? No more Google Assistant. Bummer!

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