H96 MINI V8 a new low-cost TV-Box with 2GB of RAM and Android 10

New Box of the cheapest range that we find in Aliexpress called H96 MINI V8 and that is moved this time by a Rockchip SoC.

A Box of the cheapest range we can find, but still has the capacity to play video up to 4K@60fps quality. Includes Android 10 as an operating system and can serve as a media player, since for other aspects such as games we will be very limited by the power of its GPU and CPU cores far exceeded at present. In short, a very basic box only suitable as a media player in its version with 2GB of RAM.


SoC, RAM and storage

The Box H96 MINI V8 includes a SoC RK3228A that includes four ARM Cortex-A7 processors that reach up to 1.5Ghz and a Mali-400 GPU that includes native H.265 and VP9 video decoding up to 4K@60fps with HLG HDR10 support. It also includes 1/2 GB of DDR3 RAM and 8/16 GB of eMMc storage memory that we can expand by adding some memory device in one of the USB ports it has. As always we recommend the version with 2 GB of RAM in these cases.

Connectivity and other features

Regarding wireless connections we only have basic connectivity, with only WiFi b/g/n with internal antenna, since in this box we do not have Bluetooth. As ports, we have a basic set consisting of two USB 2.0, 10/100 network connector, and a HDMI 2.0 port. With this TV-Box we include a remote control, power supply and HDMI cable to be able to use it from the first moment.

Price and availability

  • The TV-Box H96 MINI V8 can be purchased at Aliexpress.com only for $20.99 (€18.16) in its version with 2 GB of RAM.

H96 MINI V8 box android

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