Intel introduces its 8th generation with integrated AMD GPU for mini PCs and laptops

A few weeks ago the news of the new Intel Kaby Lake-G processors with integrated GPU of AMD destined for mini PCs and laptops with great demand of graphic power, now from the CES we get information about the exact range of processors that we will have available. We have also seen the first mini PC Gaming called Intel Hades Canyon that mounts this type of processor, a powerful NUC with the same Intel Skull Canyon design.

intel amd 8gen char d01

In the presentation of this range of processors with Intel Kaby Lake-G + AMD GPU it has been indicated that soon we will see products with this type of processors from Intel with the NUC range and laptops from DELL and HP. This processors that move in a consumption of 65 W and 100 W TPD with which we are going to need a quite powerful ventilation system when we demand performance to play.

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Besides the raw power this new combo between Intel and AMD offers us a very small package, something that is not comparable to the size on board that can now occupy an Intel processor with an NVidia integrated GPU. On the other hand in addition to the GPU AMD Vega we also have an Intel HD Graphics 630 that will perform its own functions when we do not need the power of the AMD GPU, thus reducing consumption and thermal. It should be noted how AMD’s strengths in the video sector are exploited, where we can find HDMI 2.0b output with 4K@60fps support natively, HVEC decoding and encoding with HDR and support of up to 6 monitors at a time.

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With the data provided by Intel, we are looking at a platform that can be perfectly valid for playing titles of the latest generation with a 1080p configuration at 60fps. In the tests shown we have a performance similar to a combination of 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor with an Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU, something that is not bad if the prices are fine.

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No doubt a good combo that you will compete with the current portable solutions that form Intel and NVidia in the portable gaming sector and the new AMD Ryzen APU, so it seems in this case we will also see these processors in the mini PC something we did not see with Nvidia GPUs. We hope to be able to test this new family of processors soon and see what it brings to this sector where every day more areas of use fit.

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