Intel introduces its first Iris Xe DG1 dedicated graphics card

Thanks to Intel it seems that we will have some more competition in the graphics card sector, with the name and Iris Xe DG1 has been presented the first model of dedicated graphics card of this company.

The new Intel Iris Xe processors, which we recently saw in one of our comparatives, are the basis of this dedicated graphics card, which for now has rather humble specifications. It is a first step in the sector, and it seems that Intel just wants to show that it is ready to jump into the ring and for now it has the support of ASUS and Colorful with two designs based on this new graphics processor.

The specifications of the new Intel Xe DG1 are not very spectacular, it is manufactured in 10 nm SuperFin with a power consumption of only 30W. We have only 80 EU (640 ALU), 40 texture units, 20 ROPs, +1700 MHz speed and AV1 decoding support as found in Intel Gen11 Tiger Lake processors. As we can see we have 16 EU minus the most powerful version integrated for notebooks.

This card has 4 GB of LPDDR4-4266 RAM memory, which is far from the performance of GDDR5/6 memory found in NVidia or AMD Radeon cards, has a 128 bit bus and a memory bandwidth of 68 GB/s.

The two cards presented as we see have very different designs, on the one hand the ASUS card has only one slot and is totally passive, a very interesting solution for office computers or HTPC thanks to its HDR support and for the AV1 codec. On the other hand, the Colorful model is more conventional, occupies two slots and mounts two fans.

A product intended for now only for OEM (equipment manufacturers) that we will not see in stores for the common user. Presumably we will soon see new versions of these Intel Iris DG1 GPUs with better specifications.

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