Intel Tiger Lake with the new iGPU Xe Gen12 want to fights with AMD Vega

It seems that little by little data is leaking from the next Intel Tiger Lake processors with the promising new Xe Gen12 integrated GPUs that leave behind the prehistoric times Intel HD Graphics.

According to the leaked data we have a performance improvement of almost twice per W, this is a very important improvement and finally they will be a worthy rival to the AMD Vega GPUs that we find in the APUs of this brand. As we will always have to wait a long period to see these products in the real world, only then will we see reliable performance data comparing them to AMD at that time.

intel xe leak n01

The source of this leak indicates that the integrated Xe graphics found on Tiger Lake processors have 48, 80, and 96 Execution Units (EU). As we see in the comparative graph, we have a double performance in the Core i3 processor with the same amount of UE and the consumption of 15W TPD is maintained. The i5 and i7 follow the same pattern compared to their rivals Iris Graphics and in the superior model with 96UE we reach the 28W TPD.

With this data we pass this values through our device database to compare them, we can see the results are promising and from what it seems we are going to have a considerable increase in performance. These processors will compete graphically with the AMD Ryzen Renoir GPUs that just came out, matching or surpassing them in certain scenarios. Despite this improvement, some points must be taken into account.

  • The price will be key for competing and the Intel Core i7 can be very expensive.
  • The first generation Intel Xe drivers and their performance or stability may be initially poor.
  • It is very possible that we only see the Intel Xe in the Core processors and at first they are not expected in Pentium or Celeron.
  • The date of departure is to be confirmed but it is expected that they will come out in 2020.

intel xe leak n03

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