Lenovo LP40 Pro Bluetooth headset even cheaper

Lenovo is one of the undisputed kings of budget headphones, and today we see their Lenovo LP40 Pro getting a nice price cut during AliExpress Super Deals.

The Lenovo LP40 Pro are an evolution of the LP40 that are improved in some aspects of their design and incorporate Bluetooth 5.1 and a larger battery. We have the usual 13 mm dynamic drivers, IPX5 protection against splashes and sweat, and a microphone that is responsible for reducing noise during calls. Some simple Bluetooth headphones, but that can be used for day to day if we are not very demanding.

Lenovo LP40 Pro bluetooth

Lenovo LP40 Pro Specifications

The Lenovo LP40 Pro have an ultralight design, they have Bluetooth 5.1 low consumption connectivity, with a range of more than 10 meters, and they offer us low latency for gaming. The LP40 Pro headphones have support for AAC/SBC audio codecs that improve sound quality, an ideal technology to accompany their 13 mm diameter graphene drivers.

In addition, in terms of autonomy, these headphones integrate a 35 mAh battery that allows us to play music for up to 3-4 hours autonomously. If we use the battery of the case with a capacity of 250 mAh we have extra charge to recharge another 12 hours, a case that, on the other hand, weighs only 25 grams. To recharge the battery in the case, we have a USB Type-C connector that makes it easy to connect without looking.

Price and availability

  • The Lenovo LP40 Pro headphones can be purchased on AliExpress from just $10 with free shipping and 10% CashBack to spend on future purchases.

Lenovo LP40 Pro

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