LibreELEC 11.0.6, new version now available for download

A new version LibreELEC 11.0.6 is available for download. An update based on the latest version of KODI 20 Nexus.

This new LibreELEC 11.0.6 (Nexus) offers corrections and improvements in general performance, greater compatibility in codecs and updates in the system imported from KODI. It should be noted that the compatibility with older Amlogic S905, S905X/D and S912 processors is back, something that many users were asking for with these TV-Boxes.

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Download and install LibreELEC 11.0.6


  • update 20.6.0-Nexus to 20.7.0-Nexus by @heitbaum in #8508
  • [LE11] kernel update to fix 6.1.70 cifs regression by @sky42src in #8525
  • proftpd: update to 1.3.8b and addon (1), fix issues by @vpeter4 in #8531
  • pvr.mythtv: update 20.5.8-Nexus to 20.5.10-Nexus by @heitbaum in #8545
  • pvr.mythtv: add missing zlib dependancy by @heitbaum in #8546
  • Update linux to 6.1.74 by @heitbaum in #8547
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