Netflix wants to monitor and give you more control over which users share your account

Many Netflix users use the classic method of password sharing for one account and splitting the monthly fee among others, few days ago a new Netflix test was leaked to control this practice, but control does not mean prohibition.

The current Netflix account control system has several weaknesses in terms of security when it comes to sharing an account and even if it is legitimate, often the only solution is to change our password. The new account control system for several Netflix users seems to want to attack these problems:

  • If our password passes into the hands of someone outside the group of regular users it can happen that the account gets out of control and has dozens of users accessing. With this method we only have to pass a one-time use code and not the password.
  • In stores like Aliexpress and ebay we can find Netflix accounts that are marketed with shared users, a forbidden practice that we also want to stop with this new system.

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How to verify Netflix shared account

If we look at the image of the Netflix message regarding shared accounts we can see how we are offered several options to restore access, this helps the owner to manage that connection detected as strange. Also if it is a fraudulently marketed account the seller will have to start managing many claims by limiting its use.

  • Email Code: Requires verification by email to the owner.
  • Text Code: The owner can enter a generated text code to validate the account.
  • Verify Later: Close this message and continue using the account for an undefined period.

As we can see, in all cases we have an alternative to continue using the account, since this system is not intended to be restrictive. In several statements by Netflix executives it has always been pointed out that they are not going to fight against “shared accounts”, but that does not imply that they do not want to better control and tackle people who intend to benefit financially from shared accounts.

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Is Netflix going to block shared accounts?

Netflix knows that it is very difficult to control the account sharing, because geolocation is not effective, as each user in the group can use the service anywhere with their mobile or on the road. The real enemy of shared accounts are those that are used “illegally” with sellers who only seek to resell them to the maximum number of users.

We will see how this system evolves, but for now it does not seem a threat, but rather a quite logical control system for Netflix and for the legitimate owner of the account.

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