OUKITEL P2001, a portable power station that charges up to your Tesla

Offer for just a few days for the OUKITEL P2001 portable power station that lowers its price and has shipping from Europe.

The OUKITEL P2001 power station is an ally that makes it possible to charge 16 devices simultaneously with a power of up to 2000W, it is compatible with most connections on the market and makes it possible to recharge up to 16 devices simultaneously with a power of up to 2000W. We can charge from mobile phones to work tools or anything that comes to mind.

At the design level, we have a main body made of aluminium and plastic with a front LED panel with all the information, an LED torch and a small compartment at the top to store the wiring between the handles. Its dimensions are 39.4 x 27.9 x 33 cm, its weight is around 22 kg and inside we find 4 fans for cooling.


OUKITEL P2001 Specifications

This portable Battery has a capacity of 2000 Wh with LiFePO4 batteries and includes a bi-directional inverter. The maximum power output is 2000 W to connect multiple devices, although it supports peaks of up to 4000 W. This allows you to keep on charging a laptop PC up to 36 times, use a refrigerator between 10 and 23 hours, a microwave for 1.5 to 2.3 hours or recharge our Tesla for about 10 KM. On the other hand, the battery life is increased to more than 3,500 charge cycles maintaining its original capacity, and it is possible to use it as protection against UPS electrical falls.

For recharging (in just 1.8 hours), we can use from any wall socket, the 12 V/10 car cigarette lighter, a portable generator and solar panels with an output power of up to 500 W. This last one is a combination Interesting to use in the field, camping or on any outing where we need energy outside daylight hours. By the way, it also allows simultaneous charging from an AC socket and solar panels and thus shortens the recharging time.

OUKITEL P2001 bateria portatil

In the section of connectors in the OUKITEL P2001 we have 13 power outlets. In total, we have a 12V/10A car charger, an XT60 RV 12V/25A, two 2V/3A DC 5521, two 18W QC 3.0 USB-A, another two 5V/2.4A USB-A, two USB Type-C with PD fast charging up to 100 W and 3 European AC 220V-240V connectors.

Note that the battery has a BMS management system that protects it from overloads, dangerous heating, overvoltage, short circuits… and has a 3-year warranty.

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