Cheap-range Q96HERO Box with 4 / 32GB, Android 10 and Allwinner SoC for $27

New option within the cheapest TV-Box with the Q96HERO that includes the Quad Core Allwinner H616 chip as its core and Android version 10 as the operating system.

The Q96 HERO does not stand out especially, only its low price, of only $ 27.31, along with its wireless connectivity draws our attention. This is basically a Box to use as a media player, even in 4K resolutions and even in quite a few games, since its GPU is not bad. Remember that this range of cheap Boxes do not usually have update support and are not the best to use with paid streaming platforms.

SoC, RAM and storage

The Smart Box Q96HERO includes the Allwinner H616 SoC that integrates ARM Cortex-A53 processors and an ARM Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. We have versions of this TV-Box available in the store with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 32 GB of eMMc storage memory that we can expand thanks to the micro SD card slot that it includes on one of its sides.

Other specs

In the field of wireless connectivity we have Dual Band Wifi aC with internal antenna and Bluetooth 5.0. As connectors, we find in its plastic box we find 2 USB 2.0 ports, a 10/100 network connector, analogue audio and video output jack and an HDMI 2.0a video output port. With the accessories we also find an IR remote control to be able to start using this Smart TV-Box just by taking it out of the box and connecting it to our TV.

Price and availability

  • The Q96HERO TV-Box with Allwinner H616 SoC can be purchased on from $ 27.31 with free shipping.

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Pavel Mottl

Q96HERO Android 10.0 TV Box 4GB 32GB 
OS: Android 10.0
CPU: Allwiwer H616 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53
GPU: Mali-G31 MP2
Please help me Tv Box nonstop boot 🙁


Try to find a firmware, user our search, ask to your shop.
If you can’t restore it open a dispute.