Tigo P600 a Chinese SSD with high-speed interface NVMe M.2

The Chinese brands begin to launch their first units of SSD disks equipped with NVMe M.2 interface as in the SSD Tigo P600 that has a capacity of 128GB. If you are lucky enough to have a computer with this interface you can enjoy the incredible rates of data exchange that supports this type of interface as it surpass SATA3 SSD in about 4.5 times in reading speed and about 2.5 times the writing speed. We assume that soon we will begin to see many Chinese brands with their NVMe units but at the moment there is little available.

Tigo P600 M2

The SSD Tigo P600 uses NAND 3D chips, its controller is a Silicon Motion SM2263XT and is capable of reaching 2000 MB/s speed in reading and at 1500MB/s in writing speed. Its format is 2280 and as we can see its connector has a single slot, unmistakable signal that we are facing an SSD with NVMe interface.

  • The SSD M.2 NVMe Tigo P600 with 128GB capacity can be purchased at Geekbuying.com for $46.99 (€39.96) shipping included. As a reference, a Samsung MVMe SSD of this capacity has a price in Spain of about € 95.

Tigo P600 M2 NVMe

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