XIAOMI MI BAND 3 is officially seen for the first time

It seems that finally the rumors of the new XIAOMI MI BAND 3 materialize and everything indicates that we have the first official image of this new sports bracelet, the CEO of Xiaomi weared this new design in the last presentation of its products, rumors that they shoot after the deceitful announcement of a new bracelet on Xiaomi’s Twitter account. This new wearable of Xiaomi of which we had already known some detail weeks ago in its passage through the bodies in charge of issuing the certification will be undoubtedly a sales success thanks to its more than predictable excellent value for money.

The external appearance of the new XIAOMI MI BAND 3 will not vary much from the previous model although the screen seems to have edges more rounded than the previous one. The main addition of this new bracelet is expected to be the screen because it could mount an OLED screen with touch button, as seen in the photograph, which would substantially improve its visibility in outdoor environments with respect to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, whose Screen leaves a lot to be desired by being exposed to direct light. The sports functions on this bracelet could also be enhanced with a new update of the Mi Fit app.

Price and availability

  • At the moment there is no date for the launch of the XIAOMI MI BAND 3, possibly before the summer. Its launch price is also unknown, although it surely will remains in the low-cost sector.

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