Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q the cheapest router in the Xiaomi catalog

It seems that the recently introduced Xiaomi Router Mi Router 4 has a new little brother in every way, the new Xiaomi Mi router 4Q. A router that in addition to having a bright blue color reduces the number of antennas to 3 and substantially cuts its specifications in WiFi and price. As always, Xiaomi tries to cover all the segments of the market with a cheap router whose price in China is only around $10.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q low cost

Inside the Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q this time we have as processor a Qualcomm QCA9561, with MIPS architecture, capable of reaching 770Mhz and this time integrates 64MB of memory. The Wifi antennas have a 3 × 3 MIMO configuration and the Wifi Chip is a b/g/n that reaches up to 450Mbps, as you can see some really modest features.

The connectivity options are quite small since we only have 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN port, all 10/100. It also includes a button that activates fast connections via MiNet with smart devices from Xiaomi itself. The configuration menus of this router have an APP (in English) although we can also access locally.

  • The new Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q can be purchased in the online store Gearbest.com for $29.84 (€25.96) shipping costs included.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q

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