XIDU Aliexpress 11.11 Global shopping festival

One of the important XIDU Aliexpress sale event arrives now. The 11.11 global shopping festival. Enjoy up to 70% OFF for all the amazing discount and products, including their new product line of the projectors.

We also offer tax free and low shipping cost to certain areas. XIDU reopen the russian warehouse this year, so people from Russian federation can enjoy a better service. Check below for the details, PhilStand are available at $4.

  1. PhilStand: A portable metal laptop stand at $9, price lower to $4 at first 2 hours.
  2. PhilStand Pro: Enjoy $4 off at for the compatible laptop stand, Price starts at $22
  3. PhilHolder: A TikTok must have accessories only for $12

The new PhilBeam projector line also part the sale, enjoy it before the stock runs out fast.

  1. PhilBeam P1: The best LCD projector in the market with 16000 lumens, if you are looking for professional device, this is your best choice. Get it under $200, you don’t want to miss this chance.
  2. PhilBeam P2: A retro style LED projector with Dolby sound effects. Only $140, you can set up your home theater.
  3. PhilBeam P4: A perfect christmas gift for your child that under $55.
  4. PhilBeam P7: A real native full HD 1080p projector with 6000 Lumes. The new standing projector in the market. Price as low to $138 duiring the sale.

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