A new Android TV-Stick with the letter G unleashes the speculations

It seems that we have a fuss with the new TV-Sick with the letter G that has appeared on the networks, it is a device with a design similar to Google Chomecast but that has the functions of a TV-Box with Android TV. A device that apparently is not official Google and is possibly only on a new Android device that mimics an official product for its large letter G.

As we see this model of TV-Stick G mounts a SoC Amlogic S905X a very widespread model but have a base problem to use as official Google hardware and is that it does not have the necessary certificates for many streaming services. One SoC we have seen in other models such as the Xiaomi Mi Box International but with the S905X-H variant that does have the necessary certificates. A model that does not officially certified for Android TV 8 Oreo as OS and that is seen in the screenshots of its supposed use manual, a point that does not fit either.

The remote controller that comes by default has the Google Assistant button but that is something that does not assure anything to us either since we have seen several Chinese TV-Boxes with that logo on their remote, a simple access to launch the assistant’s app and make orders for the integrated microphone. Also as we see there is no trace of Chromecast something that is totally impossible that is not advertised in a Google TV-Box.

The brand behind this device is SEI Robotics on Shenzhen cradle of all the Chinese TV-Box of the market, in its web you can see as it is referred to certificates Widevine, Verimax and Playready something that possibly of some hope but certainly we doubt they can use this. In short we think this is a simple oriental TV-box that has a design similar to an official Google product but nothing more than that, surely we see it for sale in the usual online stores from China with the usual functions of this range of products.

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