Amazon Fire TV Cube is seen in a new leak

Little by little we are getting to know more about the new Amazon Fire TV Box and it seems that its launch is imminent since in the Amazon website we have a page dedicated to the presentation of this device. A model that integrates in the same body the voice assistant Alexa and the functions of a TV-Box with support for 4K reproduction, with the data that we know and these new details is sure this device will not be a revolution. This new model will be only be available in countries compatible with the Alexa assistant such as USA, Germany, UK and Japan.

Fire TV Cube pre d01

In addition to this launch site we have an image of the USB Ethernet adapter manual that is sold separately where we can see the back of the Amazon Fire TV Box. As you can see we are quite limited in terms of connections despite we are talking about a TV-Box format, we have a microUSB 2.0 port, independent power connector, jack for external IR connector and an HDMI 2.0 port.

The lack of Ethernet connector and optical audio output are one of the most notable shortcomings, although it must be taken into account that the bandwidth required by Netflix or Amazon for its higher quality 4K content is only 20 Mbps, which is why we would go enought with any connection system whether Wi-Fi or Ethernet USB. It is clear that it is a product focused on the needs of Amazon and we will be under its Fire OS system and its closed ecosystem, this hardware is only the reflection of it.

Fire TV Cube Ethernet Adapter Manual n01

As we already knew in other leaked data this model will surely mount a SoC Amlogic S905Z or a variant with improved IA functions, at performance level we are facing a similar hardware current Amazon Fire TV Stick 3 that we saw in one of our reviews. A SoC with a power adequate for this environment but limited in scenarios of an intensive one. We’ll see if Amazon surprises us but for now it seems a product 100% oriented for streaming without much more.

Amazon Fire TV

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