ANBERNIC RG NANO, a new micro console with a 1.54″ screen

Today we have as a novelty a micro console called ANBERNIC RG NANO. A super portable gaming system with a screen size of only 1.54 inches.

The new ANBERNIC RG NANO is even smaller than the recent MIYOO Mini+ as the screen is only 1.54″, two inches smaller than the size of the Mini+. The design reminds us of the Game Boy but stands out for its two top buttons that give it compatibility with Super Nintendo games. As a system we have Funkey OS based on Linux that offers a pleasant environment for this small screen.

This console measures only 43 x 71 mm and weighs 75 grams, which allows us to carry it even as a keychain hooked. A few measures to take into account if we have large hands.

anbernic rg nano

Specifications of the ANBERNIC RG NANO

The ANBERNIC RG NANO has a 1.54″ IPS screen with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels. To move the emulated titles it has two Cortex-A7 cores up to 1.2 GHz of which we do not know more data. Enough hardware to move 16bit consoles correctly, it supports PS1 but it is quite jerky.

The RAM is 64MB DDR2 and the operating system is Funkey OS Linux. A system that can get more performance than Android in this limited hardware. The system also has a music player and integrated clock on the front, in case we want to give it extra uses.

Controls and ports

As for the control, as we can see, it has a directional pad, four front buttons, two top buttons, Start and Select buttons, plus a menu button.

Regarding connectivity, we have an audio jack and a USB Type-C port for charging and data. It has a removable 1050 mAh internal battery with an autonomy of up to 2 hours. The audio section mounts a speaker of certain quality, as we are used to Anbernic.

Price and availability

  • The new ANBERNIC RG NANO can be purchased on sale on AliExpress for $72. A still somewhat high price that is sure to go down in no time.

anbernic rg nano consola

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