Play Immortals Fenyx Rising demo for free with Stadia using your TV-Box, mini PC or Smartphone

It seems that the service of gaming by streaming Stadia begins to start and to demonstrate its potential it has put within reach of all the demo of the game Immortals Fenyx Rising. A title that drinks directly from the last game of Zelda for Switch and offers us a huge scenario with multiple points to explore, many monsters to fight with, with attractive colorful design and completely dubbed into Spanish.

stadia fenyx n01 min
The Stadia service offers two options, one free but you need to buy the games in their store (quite expensive) and we can reach 1080@60fps and another paying one for $10 per month that we can reach to play up to 4K HDR. In the paid version we have discounts on the games that we also have to buy, prices that are not at all competitive.

  • Basic model: Free, offers 1080p, 60fps and stereo sound as maximum
  • Pro subscription: $10 per month, with 4K, 60fps, HDR and 5.1 surround sound.

Minimum requirements

  • 10 Mbps: 720@60 fps / 20 Mbps: 1080@60 fps, HDR, Sound 5.1 / 35 Mbps: 4K@60 fps, HDR, Sound 5.1
  • Android 6.0 or higher (not yet compatible with Android TV)
  • Windows 10 and supported browser such as Chrome.
  • Stadia controller, a PlayStation DualShock 4 controller, an Xbox One controller or compatible.

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How to play Immortals Fenyx Rising demo with Stadia

To play the Immortals Fenyx Rising demo we just need to perform a few simple steps, we don’t need to pay any fee or sign up for Stadia, we just log in with our Google account and accept all the steps.

  • Android: Install Stadia app and access through the menus to the Immortals Fenyx Rising demo.
  • Windows: From the browser enter the Stadia website to create an account with our Google mail and play.
  • NOTE: We may have to retry entering a couple of times, when it boots once it always boot.

The performance is very good, and we will only notice some video compression artifacts or a little lag, but nothing annoying to enjoy the demo experience. The system as we will see is intuitive and simple, it is a pity that the prices of the games are so high because the service has enough potential.

stadia fenyx n02 min

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