First information about the Intel Alder Lake-P 12th generation processors

First data leaked on Geekbench about the new Intel Alder Lake-P Gen12 processors, chips that are expected to be presented at the end of the year and will replace the recent Intel Tiger Lake Gen11.

These new processors for laptops bring as a novelty the integration of Foveros 3D technology, in the style of big.LITTLE that we see in ARM processors, where low-power Atom cores will be combined with other high-performance Core cores. These processors will feature the new integrated Intel Iris Xe LP GPUs, which represent a considerable leap in performance compared to the outdated Intel HD Graphics.

intel alder lake pc n01

As we can see, the leaked Intel Alder Lake-P Gen12 processor is manufactured in 10nm and has 14 cores and 20 threads, a configuration that responds to the 6+8 design with six small cores and four large cores with multi-threading activated. In this processor we have on the one hand Core Golden Cove cores that would reach 4.69 GHz with SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) doubling the 6 cores to 12 threads, while on the other hand we have 8 Atom cores at 800 MHz for low power or idle management.

In the graphics section, as we can see, it seems that there will be no changes with respect to Gen11 and an Intel Iris Xe GPU will be integrated in the same package, in this case with 96 CU as is the high end of the current Tiger Lake generation, so no major changes are expected in this section.

These Intel Alder Lake-P Gen12 processors also feature a new LGA 1700 socket that jumps to the Intel 600 chipset, with which we may have support for DDR5 memory, lower power consumption than DDR4, and support for PCIe 5.0 in addition to improvements in Thunderbolt connectivity and integrated Wi-Fi/BT. We will see the final data of this new generation in the 2021 Q3 theoretically, a launch to cover the Christmas campaign.

Intel Alder Lake P n01

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