Intel Pocket PC and Tiger Rapids, two very original mini PC concepts

In the framework of Computex 2018 and from the stand of Intel we can see curious concepts of mini PC’s certainly interesting, but possibly never see at commercial level. In the exhibition dedicated to this sector we can see new and old devices, the most stand out without doubt are the small model Intel Pocket PC and the peculiar Tiger Rapids with two screens, of which one of them is a electronic ink screen.

intel pocket pc n01

The small Intel Pocket PC is a study conducted by Intel in 2016 looking for the smallest mini PC possible with all the features of a almost complete desktop PC. This model integrates a low consumption Kaby Lake-Y processor that allows us to run any app without problems, a shame that Microsoft at that time was focused on Continuum a concept that failed like its Windows Phone products.

Tiger Rapids n01

On the other hand the Tiger Rapids model is a product also from 2016, perhaps more realistic, which has two screens, one of 7.8 inches with Full HD resolution where we can use the classic Windows 10 desktop and another electronic ink screen where we can take notes by hand that automatically pass to our writing program, it is also useful to draw and make sketches or use as a touch keyboard. The size of this mini PC is that of a book and between the two screens we have a hinge that closes or open. This model has Intel Kaby Lake-Y processor, integrates 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, a 12 8GB SSD disk, USB Type-C connector and a 12Wh battery that gives us a work live of 8 to 9 hours.


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