Intel Tiger Lake shows the performance of its Xe iGPU with Battlefield V

New performance test on an Intel Tiger Lake processor with next-generation Xe iGPU, in a test video we can see how Battlefield V moves with high settings graphics and with a rate of more than 30fps on average. Without a doubt an amazing performance increase compared with the Intel HD Graphics that have always been insufficient to play any demanding title, it seems that now we will have a rival for the AMD Vega GPUs.

According to Ryan Shrout, Intel’s Chief Performance Strategist, in the video the performance is very good and the experience is positive when playing this title. The game is running in Direct X11 format with early drivers, so it is certain to have a chance to improve its performance when Intel Tiger Lake laptops are on the market.

As we had already seen in a previous filtering, the Xe integrated graphics we found in the Tiger Lake processors have 48, 80 and 96 Execution Units (UE). As we can see in the comparative graphics we have a duplicated performance in the Core i3 processor with the same amount of UE and the consumption of 15W TPD is kept. The i5 and i7 follow the same pattern with respect to their rivals Iris Graphics and in the superior model with 96UE we reach 28W TPD.

  • The release date is to be confirmed but it is expected to be released in this 2020.

intel xe leak n03

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