Kaleido an award-winning miniPC with projector included

Today we present one of the PCs with the most interesting concept and design we have seen in recent times called Kaleido. In fact, this PC with integrated projector has been awarded one of the IF World Design Guide and it is not for less and that in its small prism-shaped body we have a miniPC with folding keyboard and a projector, so we have a fully autonomous and portable miniPC. Undoubtedly a well deserved award for a PC of a Chinese brand, Hefei LCFC, which although unknown to us, but it makes notebook for Lenovo and ThinkPad.


At the hardware level we can not know practically anything about the Kaleido and have not transcended its technical specifications. We see that it has a full QWERTY keyboard that folds over itself with a small control pad at the bottom that has two keys. The projector can operate vertically or horizontally and also includes a Dolby Audio compatible audio system and microphone inside. Surely the Kaleido also has some type of internal battery to give this mini PC a total autonomy.


  • The Kaleido miniPC with integrated projector is expected to reach stores during this 2020 at a price that we do not know and we will surely go to the Lenovo umbrella or another powerful brand.

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