KODI 19.5 Matrix, available for download and install

Available for download and install the latest version Kodi 19.5 “Matrix, this is possibly the last update of this version that will give way to Kodi 20 Nexus.

Undoubtedly Kodi is the most popular content manager today and as we know the most important change in this version is on the add-ons aspect, now are based in Phyton 3 and this will block all add-ons that are not updated, something that will certainly generate many problems. On the other hand there is more control over add-ons that will block the ability to overwrite official repositories. We will also have improvements to play contents based on the AV1 codec, now it is possible to decode this format by software. You have in this same article the complete list of changes of this new version that represents the future of KODI for the next years.



DOWNLOAD WARNING: browsers like Chrome block the download of EXE and APK, use the right button “Save link as“, then on the browser download icon all go to Allow Download menu in the file.

Download KODI 20 for Android

Download KODI 20 for Windows

KODI Tutorials


  • There are no major changes since the previous version, and you should be fine to install this straight over the top of any existing Kodi 19.x installation – indeed, this will happen automatically on many platforms. However, as for all software installations, back up your userdata beforehand if you’ve any doubts or have anything you can’t afford to lose (and definitely do this if you’re going for a major version upgrade).
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