MECOOL KM9 Pro a new TV-Box with Google Certification and Android TV 9 Pie

Mecool KM9 Pro is a new TV-Box version of the Mecool KM9 that we met some time ago in detail through one of our REVIEW. In this version we have the same Amlogic S905X2 SoC and comes with the Android TV 9 Pie system and voice remote to use Google Assistant, a fairly current system that will at least give you some long-term life.

Basic review

As a quick review we can comment that this Box can serve us perfectly for KODI or IPTV and playback any local media, as we see has a Google Certificate and integrates Google Widevine L1 and Microsoft Playready DRM systems. Although they have this certificates are not useful to have Netflix support and other streaming systems, as we see are not mentioned in their ads for this reason.  If you have want a Netflix 4K official device check our TV-Box list with compatible Netflix certificates. Seems that has Google Cast although we would like to check it. In terms of power you can see the results of this SoC in a comparison of the Amlogic S905X2 chip, we can run powerful games like PUBG. As for support Mecool always launches some firmware update but does not have long-term continuous support.

SoC, RAM and storage

The Mecool KM9 Pro includes as engine the AMlogic S905X2 SoC a Quad Core that theoretically reaches up to 2 GHz and integrates a new and powerful Mali-G31 MP2 GPU, as a novelty in video playback we have a new VPU that integrates specific hardware to encode and decode the h.265 and VP9 codecs. We have 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and 32 GB of eMMc storage memory that can be extended from the microSD card reader that includes this equipment on one side.

Other specifications

The Mecool KM9 Pro TV-Box includes wireless connectivity Wifi a/b/g/n Dual band and Bluetooth 4.1. The connectors included in the plastic box are not many since we only have one USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, analog audio and video port, a 10/100 Ethernet connector and an HDMI 2.1 video output with 4K@60fps support with dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2.

In this new version as we see we have a Bluetooth remote with voice control, the operating system is Android TV 9 Pie and it seems that we can control it perfectly from the remote that comes by default.

Price and availability

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John Thwaits

Is there any way of turning off the “smart breathing light”? Why on earth someone would want to have a blinking light where they watch TV is beyond comprehension.

John Thwaits

Sigh. Thanks Kim.

Manuel M.

Just bought the km9 pro device but it won’t download anything,there is no browser in the device. The only search you can do is with google assistant and then you get results in YouTube!
Is this a common bug(software deffect) or is it only me ?


I have purchased a mecool km9 pro, is there a way to install Netflix on the device?


I got hold of the MECOOL KM9PRO DELUXE and have a problem with the DSTV NOW App, It is been register at DSTV and the details show’ As soon i want to view a channel it shows a message VIDEO PLAYBACK ERROR WITH MAKE SURE THAT THE DEVICE IS CERTIFIED ? Who can i contact in South Africa for some help


Is hdmi cec workong?


Best app for box


Is there any difference between this one and the Mecool KM3? :/


It does not work with amazon prime nor with movistar + due to lack of certificates

technomad damole

On Gearbest there are two new variants, the Pro has the voice remote and the title says Google Certificated, the non Pro has the basic remote and doesn’t mention whether it is Google Certificated. I already own the 8.1 voice remote version but hope it can be updated to non ATV 9.0.

Meecool devices claim they are google certified (KM9, M8S Pro L), however, they just have a google ATV skin, they are not Google certified, Netflix has blacklisted them. I have already suffered…



Is there any option to install Netflix on the Mecool MK9 Pro?

Abdulhakim Amer Abdallah

Very True, Imagine i have bought 75pcs to resale and all have problems,
The truth is they are not Google certified,


On the km9pro I received last week when I go to the play store -> settings It clearly states the device is not certified. Why does certification have different meanings to google and mecool. Mecool as a company have never replied to any query in the 6 weeks since order, until the dispute @ AliExpress – one sentence- dear friend what is the problem. It appears that is more than enough evidence for AliExpress to support their seller. An image of the play store settings page with the words ‘Device is not certified’ never referenced by Ali or Mecool. Mecool… Read more »


I’m looking for something to replace my Mi TV box after the update last year basically broke it.
I noticed in the comments here that “Chinese devices don’t have Netflix” however Netflix works on the Mi TV box so I’m a little confused. Has someone tried Netflix on this box or not?

Jan verhaar

Neem de xiaomi mi box s. Staat netflix op en er zit gelijk een chromecast ultra in.
Werkt perfect.

Get MI box s…MI box are far superior than Meecool. I have MI box 3, Mi Box S, Meecool M8S Pro L…and MI are the best (unless you have Nvidia Shield)


The largest number of people who may even consider buy this thing are not in your geek world jargon and will probably not buy it because you can’t justify it’s use in layman’s terms.


Not doubts, simplify. Most people won’t read a spec sheet for a set-top box. Think of it more as an entertaining piece/media hub and what it can do (streaming services available, what formats it can read/display, etc), rather then as say; a phone or tablet where those specs are more likely to matter


Not an apple store Hahaha so funny, so true 🙂

Ken Anders Bjørnmyr

Do you know if it has audio passthrough (7.1) to use with Kodi?

So just to be clear, even though its certified there is still no netflix support?


Google certified? Do you know what are you talking about?


Yeah where is this model? I saw “KM8” only, indeed I left my comment AFTER checking that list.


Webmaster of Android TV Guide here, I can also confirm this box has been certified but it’s not yet on Google’s list.

If fact, the KM9 is now the KM9 Pro and won’t be sold as the “KM9” anymore with the AOSP firmware.
I still need to ask Videostrong is those KM9 from last year will be updated to Android TV.

Cheers !


Hola, entonces si actualizo con el firmware del mecool km9 pro, a al mío que es el km9 con ATV 8.1 no puedo ganar la certificación de Google para tener el Chrome cast?….al fin y al cabo tienen mismo procesador y misma memoria etc. Solo quiero obtener el Google cast.


L1 key is not a “Google certification”, sorry to say but I think the topic is misleading.

Jamie Simpson

Don’t bother , dontbother


so this model is not in the list, just YES or NO?
anyway, I have a Shield, all others are crap, so: don’t bother.
Have a nice day too.