Rockchip presents its new solutions for the perception of reality

Every day it is more necessary that all kinds of devices are aware of the reality that surrounds them in order to extract information from the environment and react accordingly. Under these needs Rockchip presents us with new products to offer solutions in this sector. Some SoC that we already know from other sectors and a new one, this products are focused on cleaning robots and 3D presence detectors although they may have more applications in the near future.

rockchip rv1108 pre d01

Each of the new SoCs has specific characteristics with their corresponding acronyms, we have VSLAM for visual positioning and navigation, SLAM for laser positioning, image recognition and AI. Among the products oriented to this technology we have the dedicated hardware RV1108, the general purpose solution RK3308, RK3326 and the powerful RK3399 that we have seen in several of our reviews.

Rockchip is very present in the sector of the treatment of the image and its processors are in models of leading brands such as VIVO, Samsung, ASUS and others. One of the most interesting examples that we can see of these detection systems is with the Pico Zense a TOF (time of flight) camera in real time, in the video we can see how it detects the age and sex of the spectators, the gestures made by our hand in 3D and also assisting the car drivers to detect if we are sleepy or using the mobile phone.

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