Android 8.0 Oreo arrives to the Xiaomi Mi Box international version

Xiaomi is starting to distribute via OTA the expected update for the Xiaomi Mi Box international Version based on Android TV 8.0 Oreo, an update that at the moment is only reaching a few beta testers and it seems that at the moment has not jumped in Europe. A new version of Android that comes after a long wait and updates this TV-Box from Android 6.0, skipping version 7.0, something that we had already pointed out on several occasions.

Xiaomi Mi Box versión internacional ANdroid oreo

This new version based on Android TV 8.0 Oreo would come loaded with new features since it would finally include the expected support for HDR natively, RGB mode that will give us support for old Sony or Phillips televisions and automatic refresh change to avoid the judder effect in the videos among other changes. Some changes that at first seem positive but due to the experiences of those who are testing this Beta, the general stability of the system will still require several patches.

android tv home oreo d01

The aesthetic changes will also have a great relevance in this update since it includes the new Android TV Home graphic environment with Google Assistant included. This aesthetic changes that can be problematics, the new Android 8.0 launcher is not compatible with all the apps available in the Android TV store and we may have some problems, which is why for example the Nvidia Shield console is still in Android 7.0 . No doubt an update that will have issues and that surely comes accompanied by patches at short term.

  • Xiaomi Mi Box International version can be purchased at for only $66.77 shipping included.

Xiaomi Mi box internacional version

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