Disney+ already has its app available on Philips Smart TVs with Android TV

The launch of Disney+ is being a worldwide success and little by little is compatible on more devices, today we already have it available on Philips Smart TVs with the Android TV operating system. Some quite popular models that now allow you to download the Disney+ app directly from Google Play and that previously did not appear available since it was marked as incompatible. The countries where the app has been activated are Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Ireland.

philips android tv smart tv n01

In theory, this app is compatible with ALMOST all Phillips Smart TV models since 2015, some older models that mount Marvell processors do not support the app, the vast majority if they can install the app from Google Play directly. In the new products for 2020, the Disney + app will already be installed by default on all your Smart TVs.

It seems that although the app can be installed it has some Sound problem in specific Philips Smart TV models where we only have s2.0 sound and we will not get multi-channel sound. Without a doubt the weak point of the Disney app that offers very few options in the audio section, something that would have to change to offer users more configuration possibilities.

Philips has several Smart TV models with Android TV OS available at really interesting prices, so they can be a good option. In any case, if we have problems with the app or the Android TV system of our Philips Smart TV, it runs very slow, we can always use an external Android TV-Box or alternatively manually install the Disney+ app.

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“In theory, this app is compatible with all Phillips Smart TV models since 2015, the date on which this brand started using Android TV as an operating system in its products, according to the words of Philips, no model is left without this app.”

Sadly, this is not true… not all Philips Android TVs do support the Disney+ app… A full overview, which Philips TVs do support (and which don’t) you can find at: https://toengel.net/philipsblog/2020/03/09/welche-philips-tvs-unterstuetzen-die-disney-app-eine-uebersicht/



Great info, thanks.
We will add this details.