KODI 20 Nexus Alpha 3, available for download and install

Ready to download and install the new official version of Kodi 20 “Nexus” Alpha 3. A new update that continues to evolve this software until its final version, in a few months it will be stable.

The changes made on this new version Kodi v20 Nexus are few at the aesthetic level as we can appreciate, and it seems a fairly similar version in this aspect. Internally, we have the official changelog published for more details. In any case, we have versions available for Windows in 32 and 64bit compilations in addition to the compilations for Android in ARM V7A format for greater compatibility and ARM V8A for Shield TV or similar.

    • SOME ADD-ONS DON’T WORK WITH THIS VERSION, downgrade and install KODI 18.9 to solve problems.

KODI 20 Nexus

Download KODI 20 Nexus Alpha 3



  • Some crashes in addon installation and repository checks have been corrected (ksooohowie-f)
  • AlwinEsch has implemented a large feature to allow multiple instances of the same binary addon.

    This allows, for example, two instances of a PVR addon (e.g. PVR.HTS) to run using different backend provider instances. The usage of this will require updates from the various binary addons that will start to happen, so if you are interested in helping your favourite PVR addon to implement this, check out the above PVR.HTS PR, as well as the following PVR.Demo PR


  • ksooo has been optimising various things in our db wrappers for better performance (link)


  • Fix DVD Menu indicators for DRMPrime (link)


  • Fix NFS for Windows platforms after some recent NFS updates
  • Several NFS improvements/cleanups
  • Initial NFS4 implementation (link)


  • Several improvements around our Font/Glyph Handling code from several team members (ksooo, thexai, sarbes) – improvements that should help low power machines in particular, but all platforms generally.
  • Harbuzz glyph caching improvements (link)
  • Fix some inconsistencies with RTL languages and certain skinning components (link)


  • Improvements/cleanups regarding controllers (link)
  • Fix crash if controller info files don’t have correct info (link)


  • Rechi has done a bunch of leg work implementing improvements from Static analysis tools like CPPCheck (link) and ClangTidy (link)
  • Remove obsolete addons from Core Kodi install (link)
  • Fixed wrong player playlist with playlist files (link)
  • Fixed wrong player playlist with playlist files on widgets (link)


  • Fix using mouse to drag/drop some controls (link)

Platform Specific

  • Linux GBM
    • Ability to set HDR Output (link)
  • MacOS
    • Allow the OSX arm64 (Apple Silicon) build to correctly find appropriate binary addons from repositories.
  • Windows
    • Fix incorrect window positioning when transitioning window to fullscreen and back (link)


  • ksooo continues updating/refining/fixing all things PVR related


  • Estuary
    • Show titles when “Flatten Hierarchy” setting enabled (link)


  • Further improvements/refinements to subtitles from CastagnaIT


  • Fix for 3D MVC Playback (link)
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