Kodi v21 Omega Beta3, available for download and install

Available for download the new official version Kodi 21 Omega Beta3. This is the second Beta that takes a step further to its RC version.

When installing the Kodi 21 Omega Beta 3 version we can see how the aesthetic changes are few and it seems a fairly continuous version in this aspect. In any case, we have versions available for Windows in 32 and 64bit compilations in addition to the compilations for Android in ARM V7A format of greater compatibility and ARM V8A for Shield TV or similar. In the following months, this version will evolve, and we will inform you about its new features.

kodi omega v21

Download KODI 21 Omega Beta3

  • DOWNLOAD WARNING: there are browsers that block EXE and APK download, use right click “Save link as”, then in the download tab below click on the little arrow above next to “Discard” and select SAVE.

Download KODI 21 Omega Beta3 for Android

Download KODI 21 Omega Beta3 for Windows

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[GUI] [Skins] Bump skins backwards-compatibility abi to 5.17.0 by @jjd-uk in #23927
Network: dns lookup can return an IPv6 address by @joseluismarti in #24209
[UPnP] Fix crash when adding UPnP source while UPnP is disabled by @neo1973 in #24215
[groovy] Remove bundled groovy/apache commons binaries by @fuzzard in #24199
[DllLibCurl][TestXBMCTinyXML2] Fix memory leaks by @neo1973 in #24211
[Estuary] Fix shift view overlay by @jjd-uk in #24217
[VideoVersion] Improved the same video detection by @xodidox in #24157
[Windows] Fix chroma upsampling for software render method by @CrystalP in #24222

Video Versions Playback: Fixes and Cleanup by @ksooo in #24224
[Windows] Fix chroma upsampling for pixel shaders render method by @CrystalP in #24221

Video versions: Add context menu item “Play using…” and “Play version using…” by @ksooo in #24234
[Windows] fix chroma upscaling with software render method v2 by @CrystalP in #24237
[application] Fix a race condition on CApplicationPlayerCallback::m_itemCurrentFile by @dobo90 in #23710
[info] Deprecated Process and Colour picture/slideshow infos by @enen92 in #24218

[guilib][input] Change video versions and extra selection to use Kodi’s stock select dialog by @ksooo in #24249

CVideoInfoTag: Remove CVideoDataBase dependency. by @ksooo in #24253
[Estuary] Fix video version dialog ‘add extras’ and ‘add version’ button not always visible. by @ksooo in #24260

Video version select: Hide extras/versions button if no extras/versions available. by @ksooo in #24261
[UPnP] Fix playback restore after pause by @enen92 in #24257
[guilib][GUIFadeLabelControl] Fix text right alignment by @CastagnaIT in #24266
Fix compiler warning in BlurayCallback.cpp by @garbear in #24265
[VideoPlayer] Call EnableStream when playback start disabled subtitles by @CastagnaIT in #24186
[info] Add Player.IsRemote and Player.IsExternal by @enen92 in #24268
[cmake] FindFFMPEG refactor target creation by @fuzzard in #24241
Fix potential segfault when missing “layoutList” element by @garbear in #24242
[Estuary] Hide next if conditions for next don’t met by @enen92 in #24270
[UPnP] Move Player to its own thread by @enen92 in #24262
[UPnP] Player: Make hasvideo and hasaudio conditional on the item type by @enen92 in #24272
[Discs][UPnP] Don’t show simplified menu if playing to remote players by @enen92 in #24273
[RSS] Fix parsing logic by @neo1973 in #24231
[Windows] Fix chroma upsampling for AMD dxva processor and 10 bit output of SDR sources by @CrystalP in #24227
[VideoDB] fix movie title index creation and version bump by @CrystalP in #24226
Fix edge case when downloading subtitles for http(s) streams by @Pedrock in #24252
[Estuary] Fix selected colours by @Hitcher in #24256
[Estuary] Make all views consistent with PR#24168 by @Hitcher in #24258
[UPnP] Player: Add option to avoid volume synchronization to target by @enen92 in #24263
[tvOS] Fix binary addons (PVR) multi instance settings reset by @sy6sy2 in #24259
[UPnP] Fix playlist playback on remote players by @enen92 in #24274
[UPnP] Remove unuseful code block plus strong dependency on CApp by @enen92 in #24275
[Settings] Disable video version scan by @jjd-uk in #24279
[Estuary] Fix collection info layout by @Hitcher in #24254
[UPnP] Assorted include cleanups by @enen92 in #24281
[Estuary][GUI] Do not activate fullscreen window if rendering video to remote targets (UPnP) by @enen92 in #24280

Video version dialog: Fix artwork refresh. by @ksooo in #24282

Video Version Dialog Cleanup by @ksooo in #24290

Video version dialog: Fix wrong item played. by @ksooo in #24292
[ContextMenus] Don’t show move up/down if single favourite by @enen92 in #24298
[dialogs] Fix CGUIDialogSubtitleSettings::BrowseForSubtitle to use it… by @ksooo in #24303
[Pictures] Implement Slideshow delegator design pattern by @enen92 in #24291
[ContextMenus][PVR] Do not show play using for live tv by @enen92 in #24297
[UPnP] Access to g_UserData must be protected by @enen92 in #24296

[Estuary] Separate video versions from video extras at GUI level by @ksooo in #24302

Versions/Extras Manage Dialogs: Selection improvements by @ksooo in #24316

Fix crash on strm file playback. by @ksooo in #24318

Fix playback of multi-version movies. Do not prompt for versi… by @ksooo in #24327
Update some video versions messages by @CrystalP in #24326

Cleanup translation of versions/extras dialog messages by @CrystalP in #24332
[Estuary] Fix button visibility in video versions manager by @Hitcher in #24325
[cmake] FindTagLib Add version test for internal build by @fuzzard in #24313

Video versions select dialog: Highlight default version in list of versions by @ksooo in #24336

Fix no video information available when playing strm files, … by @ksooo in #24333

[dialogs] Video versions: Fix delay before “Convert to version” video select dialog opens by @ksooo in #24331
[depends][Windows] msys2 fixes and update to 20231026 by @CrystalP in #24133
[tools/depends][target] Bump Harfbuzz + Android NDK26+ build fixes by @fuzzard in #24312
[guilib][GUITextBox] Use vecText to determine text width by @CastagnaIT in #24315
[InputStreamAddon] Fix memory leak by @neo1973 in #24214
[GUI] Fix focus behaviour when scrolling to the bottom of the panel by @joseluismarti in #24232
[Pictures] Fix exif parsing regression from v19 by @enen92 in #24344

Separate video versions and extras items by @ksooo in #24340
Translations update from Kodi Weblate by @weblate in #24230
Sync of addon metadata translations by @github-actions in #24357

Video Versions/Extras: More smaller cleanup and fixes by @ksooo in #24356
[Estuary] Update versions icon for views by @Hitcher in #24317
[CACerts] Update to 2023-12-12 by @fuzzard in #24361
Support build with taglib-2.0 by @heitbaum in #24339
[Video] Improve default folder for “Add Extra” file picker by @CrystalP in #24362

Remove context menu item ‘Add as version to…’ by @ksooo in #24365
[Videodb] Fix of previous data migration and refactors by @CrystalP in #24370

Video Versions: Fix empty context menu item label. by @ksooo in #24373
[Estuary] Better visual indicator of focused item by @Hitcher in #24323
[Android] Fix audio engine initialisation after sleep by @hugbug in #24369
langinfo.xml: Change Canadian shortdate format to YYYY-MM-DD by @neo1973 in #24328
[Pictures addons] support Date Taken sort for pics decoded via addons by @rubpa in #24307
[Video] Redesign of the “Add version” dialog of Manage versions by @CrystalP in #24364
[UPnP] Renderer: use app messenger instead of calling into g_App by @enen92 in #24376

Fix/cleanup: We never want to obtain all video versions and all extras at the same time. by @ksooo in #24387

Movies window: Movies/Versions node: Context menu fixes by @ksooo in #24389
[MUSIC] Only drop music db triggers on clean if they exist by @the-black-eagle in #24388
[VIDEO] Prefer nfo streamdetails over file details where possible by @the-black-eagle in #24386
[Video] Add a shortcut to the video dir in the Add version/extra file browsers by @CrystalP in #24394
[Games] Filter out “virtual” Android joysticks by @garbear in #24382
[fix build on linux] forward declare CMediaSource in GUIDialogVideoMa… by @howie-f in #24405
Format my CODEOWNERS code with clang-format-14 by @garbear in #24381
[Playlists] Rename song methods to generic item index by @enen92 in #24400
[upnp] Renderer: playlist changed is an event that should e emitted b… by @enen92 in #24396
[UPnP] Remove dependency on AppVolumeHandling by @enen92 in #24397
[Estuary] Video Versions Dialog Redesign by @jjd-uk in #24286
remove inclusion of MediaSource.h in GUIDialogVideoInfo.h by @howie-f in #24408
[GUIWindowVideoBase] Library thumbnail not updated by @78andyp in #24176
[Pictures] Better control of play/stop annoucements by @enen92 in #24412

Fix disappearing artwork on end of multi-version movie playback. by @ksooo in #24415
[Estuary] Update DefaultVideoVersions.png by @Hitcher in #24423
[Estuary] Fix duplicate music flags by @jjd-uk in #24416
[UPnP] Fix OnSetAVTransportURI by @enen92 in #24413
[UPnP] Renderer: Avoid calling into the main thread for playlist play… by @enen92 in #24414
[UPnP] Renderer: Remove dependency on ApplicationPlayer by @enen92 in #24418
[videodb] Move the extras of a movie converted to a version by @CrystalP in #24434

Refresh library list after changes in Info > Manage versions by @CrystalP in #24419
[Peripherals] Fix missing controller icons in Peripheral Dialog by @garbear in #24384
[Android] Enable logging of debug messages even if disabled system-wide (e.g. Fire TV) by @hugbug in #24432
Peripheral API v3.0.2: Stable peripheral locations by @garbear in #24392

[Estuary] Video Versions: Improvements and Fixes by @ksooo in #24430
[Posix][Filesystem] Fixed SMB logging by @hugbug in #24417
[CImageFile] Fix texture cache handling by @neo1973 in #24433
[tools/depends][target] Bump freetyppe 2.13.2 by @fuzzard in #24407
[UPnP] Translate object id when marked as watched by @enen92 in #24438

CVideoDatabase::GetVideoVersionsNav cleanup after c84fdfa… by @ksooo in #24443

Remove item ‘New version…’ from node ‘Movies/Versions’. … by @ksooo in #24444

Video Versions: Remove more dead code by @ksooo in #24445
[UPnP] Fix broadcast of item updates by @enen92 in #24450
[UPnP] Clang-format main files by @enen92 in #24452

Video versions: Fix certain default select action handling scenarios by @ksooo in #24451
[guilib] Kill CGUIListItemLayoutPtr typedef by @enen92 in #24454
Update Kodi Icon for Linux packaging by @razzeee in #24310
Players: Always reset CDataCacheCore on close file by @enen92 in #24402
[guilib][utils] Set IsPlayable false on add items by @enen92 in #24461
[gui] Move listproviders to guilib by @enen92 in #24463

Remove dead code (we no longer have any videoversion items… by @ksooo in #24464

Detect similar movies when scanning movies with nfo files by @CrystalP in #24457
[guillib][estuary] Make the existence of extras visible in the library by @CrystalP in #24456

Fix video versions folder navigation. by @ksooo in #24462

CVideoInfoTag::Reset(): Set m_isDefaultVideoVersion to false,… by @ksooo in #24473
[videodb] fix miss in field renaming of PR#24370 by @CrystalP in #24469

Video versions/extras chooser: Fix button labels. by @ksooo in #24474

Refactor video versions select dialog to use movie items by @ksooo in #24475
DVDVideoCodecAndroidMediaCodec: Remove logspam when debug logging by @fritsch in #24479

Adjust the validations and messages in add version/extra by @CrystalP in #24477
[clang-tidy] fix modernize-* and performance-* warnings by @Rechi in #24436

Refresh library list after the addition of extras in Info > Manage extras by @CrystalP in #24487
[cppcheck] fix performance checks by @Rechi in #24411
[Android] Fix audio engine initialisation on startup by @hugbug in #24484
AndroidMediaCodec: Retry VC1 as mime type is confusing vendors by @fritsch in #24491

correct description of ‘Adjust display HDR mode’ by @chewitt in #24497

Change the name of the Manage Versions/Extras dialog by @CrystalP in #24499
[Estuary] Fix hasvideextras overlay for views by @CrystalP in #24482
[Android] ABI check removal by @joseluismarti in #24515

Fix watched overlay image of parent movie item by @CrystalP in #24509
[FileSystem] Refactored and improved logic to use CFileStreamBuffer by @thexai in #24504
added: enable .avif image support in ffmpeg image by @notspiff in #24520
AndroidMediaCodec: Retry VC1 fix by @dbarkar in #24516
[Player Viewer] Three improvements by @garbear in #24406
[Android] ABI check removal: xbmc.properties file by @joseluismarti in #24519
[Datacachecore] Initiallize SStateInfo with sane values by @enen92 in #24522
[Input] Refactor to improve code organization by @garbear in #24501
[Windows] AESinkWASAPI: improve fallback when is not supported exact output channel layout by @thexai in #24534
[PVR] “Play EPG Tags as Movies” by @ksooo in #24528
[ContextMenus] Don’t populate python context items if browsing sub-menus by @enen92 in #24543
AESinkPipewire: Set Samplerate for the node by @fritsch in #24363
[tvOS] fix assigning bundle ID to the generated frameworks by @kambala-decapitator in #24541

rework dimensions by @DaVukovic in #24527
[VideoDB] restore compatibility with MariaDB < 10.5.2 by @andred in #24505
AESinkAudioTrack: Allow multi-channel float for new devices by @fritsch in #24553
AudioTrack: Simplify Channel selection by @fritsch in #24554
MacOS: add missing key mappings by @enen92 in #24556

Change Versions Art Handling by @CrystalP in #24538
[Input] Default buttonmaps for keyboard and mouse by @garbear in #24512
Fix the scourge of game add-on build failures by @garbear in #24531
Revert “[guilib][utils] Set IsPlayable false on add items” by @enen92 in #24563
[Joysticks] Fix broken focus on emulated analog stick by @garbear in #24513
Game API v3.0.2: Mouse/keyboard addressing by @garbear in #24518
[tools/depends] Fix android pycryptodome package, Bump rustup 1.75.0 by @fuzzard in #24551
EGLUtils: Fix nullptr usage in EglErrorCallback by @neo1973 in #24523
[Android] Remove special versioning for Android arch types by @fuzzard in #24494

Remove non-working context menu manage / info dialog buttons for versions by @CrystalP in #24569
[Keyboard] Optimize keyboard symbol translation by @garbear in #24525
[Estuary] Refactor of poster/widget overlay icons by @jjd-uk in #24521
Add another msys2 binary to fix game add-on build failures by @garbear in #24567
[Android][windowing] Initialize m_bWindowCreated by @joseluismarti in #24572
Player Viewer: Add keyboard and mouse input by @garbear in

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Nella versione Beta 3 64bit non si pùo cambiare la skyn e nel farlo ne trova solo2

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