xCloud: How to play PC games on Android with Xbox Game Pass

We already have with us the new Microsoft xCloud gaming service, an ideal combination for those who want to play many powerful PC games anywhere from an Android device, whether it is a Smartphone, Tablet or TV-Box. Soon it will also be available on any Windows PC, so we won’t be limited by the graphic power of our machine.

Thanks to this system the game runs on a cloud server and we get the real-time image of the game running on our device. You only need to install the Xbox Game Pass app and have an active Game Pass Ultimate account.

xbox game pass n00


The Microsoft XCloud service allows us to play by streaming a large catalog of PC games on our Android mobile device and soon on any PC. You only have to meet very basic specifications and install the app to play remotely. The game is streamed as a Microsoft cloud video with our game in real time, our device only manages the controller we have connected and sends the information to Microsoft servers.

  • The image quality in the games will fluctuate depending on the video compression required to maintain an adequate frame rate to play.

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As we can see the minimum requirements are very low and we can run it on almost any mobile or tablet. It is essential a Bluetooth Gamepad to control the games. Only some titles like Minecraft Dungeons have touch controls to play directly, if the system succeeds many more will be added.


In order to play xCloud games it is essential to install the Xbox Game Pass app in Android, from this app we synchronize the games we are already playing on PC or Xbox console. We can also access different social options to play games with our friends. The games are divided into different categories, and we are also indicated if they are suitable for playing on the mobile by adapted controls or as they are seen on the screen.

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For now we have 150 titles available to play directly from the xCloud service. With the Ultimate Gamepass we can play directly at no additional cost and its catalog will be progressively expanded in the coming months.

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