Apple TV+ guide, review and testing on Android TV-Box, PC and Smart TV

Today we present our guide to use the Apple TV+ streaming service, which is gradually growing in catalog and with more options to watch it on multiple devices.

We can watch Apple TV+ content on all Apple devices, but also on Windows computers, many Smart TVs of different brands and also on some Android TV-Box with official support or not as we will see. For now this service has a very low price, and we can also share it with up to 6 users, although it is possible that in the future it will increase its cost and limit connections when it has a wider catalog.

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To promote the Disney+ service at startup, we have a good outlet offer, as we can see in the list below we can share the account with 4 people without problems, also the quality has no limitation and you will be 4K HDR if our hardware supports it. For now in its first year we have a fairly competitive price although its own content has yet to grow to compete with giants like Netflix in this regard.

Apple TV+ price plans an features

  • $/€ 4,99 per month in the introductory offer.
  • Free 7-day trial available.
  • Requires an Apple ID account.
  • 6 simultaneous screens, for account sharing.
  • User profiles sharing with My Family.
  • In-app parental controls.
  • 4K HDR / Dolby Vision or 1080p content without differentiated plans.
  • Dolby Atmos compatible sound.
  • Supports dubbed audio, customizable subtitles, descriptive audio in English only.
  • Apple TV+ is ad-free.
  • Not compatible with Chromecast

Official compatible devices

  • Apple:
    – Apple cell phones and tablets
    – MacOS (Safari) computers
    – Apple TV 4K, HD and 3rd Generation
  • Android TV-Box:
    – Chromecast with Google TV
    – Android TV-Box with Android TV 10 (see individual reviews)
    – Fire TV devices
    – Not compatible with: Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box S
  • Browsers on PC:
    – Chrome / Firefox
    – Browsers on Smarphone / Smart TV / ChromeOS
  • Smart TV:
    – LG / Samsung / Vizio / Sony
  • Consoles:
    – Sony PlayStation / Xbox
  • DRM:
    – HDCP is required to play HD content
  • Others:
    See full compatibility list

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We can watch Apple TV+ on some Android TV devices, for now it seems that we can only install it on some specific models. In our reviews we always check if this app is compatible, so we recommend to check in each of them if it works or not concretely, and it seems that it is only compatible with devices with Android TV 10 certified at least.

Android TV-Box WITH official support

For now Apple TV+ only has official support for Chromecast with Google TV, so we can install it directly from Google Play Store, in the rest of non-official devices we will have to install the app manually using its APK.

Android TV-Box WITHOUT official support

The rest of Android TV-Box do not find the Apple TV+ app in Google Play, even so we can install it very easily.

  1. DOWNLOAD APK the latest version of the Apple TV+ app for Android TV
  2. This app only works on devices with Android TV operating system, not with classic Android Mobile.
  3. Copy APK file to a USB stick and connect it to the TV-Box.
  4. Install APK by running it from any installed file explorer or install Solid Explorer or X-Plore.
  5. Accept permissions for apps from unknown sources if asked.
  6. In the list of available apps we will already have the Apple TV+ icon.

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Watching Apple TV+ content is very simple, we just need to access the service’s web or app and log in with our user data. We need a modern browser that supports HTML5. The streaming is played without problems directly, and we can put it in full screen mode.

  • Windows 10 / Up to 1080p
  • Apple iOS updated / Up to 4K with Safari
  • Browsers required: Chrome 75+ / Firefox 68+ / Safari 11+
  • NO browser support on Smartphone / Smart TV / Chrome OS
  • NO Linux support at this time
  • Requires a monitor or TV with HDCP DRM for HD content

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Other popular devices are also compatible with Apple TV+, we have a wide range of Smart TVs that already have this service activated in their app store and the latest models of consoles. It is also compatible with Fire TV devices in their most current versions with an app of its own in its store.

  • Smart TV:
    – LG since 2018
    – Samsung since 2018
    – VIZIO since 2016
    – Sony with Android TV if the app is available on Google Play
  • Consoles:
    – Sony PlayStation 4 and 5
    – Xbox One – X/S Series
  • Others:
    – Fire TV Stick 4K / 2019 (own app)
    – Apple TV 4K, HD and 3rd generation

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