Disney+ guide, review and testing on Android TV-Box, PC and iOS devices

Today we present our Disney+ service guide, this platform has almost all the historical content of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm and National Geographic.

This service has popular his own content as the successful “The Mandalorian”, “The world according to Jeff Goldblum”, “Back to the stage”, “Diary of a future president”, a new version of “High School Musical”, the documentary “The Imagineering Story”, ”and many more projects that are in preparation. Let’s see how this streaming service behaves in our Android TV-Box, mini PC computers, Smart TVs, Smartphones and iOS systems.

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To promote the Disney+ service at startup, we have a good outlet offer, as we can see in the list below we can share the account with 4 people without problems, also the quality has no limitation and you will be 4K HDR if our hardware supports it. For now in its first year we have a fairly competitive price although its own content has yet to grow to compete with giants like Netflix in this regard.

Disney + price plans an features

  • $/€6.99 a month or $/€69.99 for a year in the launch offer.
  • 4 simultaneous screens, to share the account.
  • 10 devices where we can download offline content.
  • 7 user profiles available.
  • Parental controls within the app.
  • Content in 4K HDR / Dolby Vision or 1080p without differentiated plans.
  • Dolby Audio 5.1 (not Atmos) compatible sound.
  • Disney films will be available 7 months after their theatrical release.
  • The series premiere one chapter a week, not like Netflix.
  • Only PG-13 content is available.
  • Supports dubbed audio, customizable subtitles, descriptive audio only in English.
  • Some content may disappear / appear in the catalog depending on the regional copyright.
  • Disney + has no ads.

Official compatible devices

  • Minimum OS:
    – Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or superior
    – Apple iOS 11.0 or superior
    – Windows 7 or superior
  • Android TV-Box:
    – NVIDIA Shield TV (4K HDR)
    – Xiaomi Mi Box (4K HDR)
    – Android TV-Box Amlogic, Rockchip or Allwinner (HD, only audio with AV receiver)
  • Browsers on PC:
    – Chrome 75+ / Firefox 68+ / Safari 11+
    – Navegadores en Smarphone / Smart TV / ChromeOS or Linux NOT SUPPORTED
  • Smart TV:
    – LG WebOS with WebOS 3.0 or superior
    – Samsung Tizen Smart TVs from 2016 or superior (Orsay OS not supported)
    – Smart TV with Android TV 5.0 (Lollipop) or superior
    – Roku Smart TV
  • Consoles:
    – Sony PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
  • Others:
    – Fire TV Stick
    – Roku streaming devices
    – Chomecast
    – Chromebooks
    – Apple TV 4a gen or superior with tvOS 11.0 minimum
    – Apple Airplay / Airplay 2
  • DRM:
    – HDCP is required to play HD content

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We can see Disney+ on numerous Android devices, it is not a very strict application, this allows us to play content on most of the devices we analyze. In any case, in our reviews we always check if this app is compatible, so we recommend seeing in each of them if it works or not specifically, in general there are some basic guidelines for the app to be compatible. The quality of the Codec that Disney+ uses is quite good, and we will have a clear image on any device whether it is official or not.

Android TV-Box WITHOUT official support

Some TV-Boxes cannot find the Disney+ app on Google Play, we can install it very easily.

Android TV-Box WITH official support

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Viewing Disney+ content is very simple, we just have to access the website or app of the service and access with our user data. We need a modern browser that supports HTML5. The streaming is played without problems directly, and we can put it in full screen from the video in playback.

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Apple iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Resolution up to 1080p
  • Requires browsers: Chrome 75+ / Firefox 68+ / Safari 11+
  • Does NOT support browsers on Smartphone / Smart TV / Chrome OS
  • Does NOT support Linux for now
  • Requires a monitor or TV with DRM HDCP for HD content

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Other popular devices are also compatible with Disney+, we have a wide range of Smart TVs that already have this service activated in their app store, the most current console models and devices such as Chromecast. Support for Fire TV Stick is announced and the app is in the Amazon store.

  • Smart TV:
    – LG WebOS with WebOS 3.0 or higher
    – Samsung Tizen Smart TVs from 2016 or higher (Orsay OS not supported)
    – Smart TV with Android TV 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher like Sony, Panasonic …
    Roku TV
  • Consoles:
    – Sony PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
  • Others:
    Fire TV Stick
    – Chromecast
    – Chromebooks
    – Apple TV 4th gen or higher with tvOS 11.0 minimum
    – Apple Airplay / Airplay 2

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