TUTORIAL: KODI, how to play with emulators and easily download roms

Today we present our Guide to configuring emulators in KODI, a system with which we can download games directly without worrying about finding the ROM.

Since version KODI 18 Leia this content manager and player allows us to run easily countless emulators with a similar system RetroArch, we have different emulators that allow us to run the games. We can also directly download the games thanks to a repository of historical games that we can install on KODI and thus always install the exact ROM to run smoothly.


From KODI 18 Laia we have an integrated emulator manager in the Games section that uses the Libretro API function or directly runs games that do not need an emulator. We will only have to perform a few simple steps to configure the emulator system, automatic download of roms and controllers.

  • Emulators depend on the power of your hardware and system.
  • Popular emulators: AMIGA, MSX, NES, SNES, GBA, MG, DC, NDS, PS1, GC, Wii, CPS1/2/3…
  • Not supported: PS2, PS3, XBOX
  • Full list of emulated systems

Install ROMS repository

Once we have the installation program, the EmuELEC system file and the device tree of our device we can create the SD memory or USB drive to boot this system, we run the installation program. If it does not work by USB drive it is advisable to use an SD card, in any case you must have the fastest drive possible if we are going to use it with this method.

  2. Download the ROM Repository file (AIGL), if it doesn’t work see here ( IAGL Addon > Option 1)
  3. Copy the ZIP file to a USB stick and connect it to your TV-Box or KODI device.
  4. Inside KODI we activate permissions for unknown sources inside KODI in:
    Settings > System > Add-ons = ON “Unknow sources”.
  5. We are going to install the ZIP from the repository inside Add-ons > Icon top left box > Install from ZIP file
  6. Select the ZIP file from the repository downloader on the USB drive or download folder.
  7. Install we go to the Add-ons Installer (box) > Install from repository > Zach Morris Add-ons (or the installed)
  8. Inside that repository we go to Game add-ons > Game providers > Internet Archive Game Launcher
  9. In the tab of the add-on AIGL we click on Install > OK
  10. The add-on and all the dependencies will be downloaded, it can take a long time.
  11. We return to the start of KODI and we will have in Games > IAGL with the new add-on.

Internet Archive Game Launcher, basic user guide

With the Add-on installed Internet Archive Game Launcher we have several lists available to locate the desired game, we will only have to find it and hit play to run it, we can also install or configure it in detail in its tab.

  • All: Sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Category: By category, as bits, year, machine or the best by system.
  • Favorites: Our favorites.
  • Search: Search by different sections.
  • Random Play: Choose one at random and run it.

Running games with Internet Archive Game Launcher

The process is very simple with Internet Archive Game Launcher, like RetroArch the system will detect the game we want to run and install the appropriate mod for that emulator.

  • We run the game we are interested in, from the tab we can Launch it or Install it.
  • When it runs we have to choose the desired emulator, each game can go better one or another.

In-game emulator menu

To be able to enter and exit the emulation of the game we are running we have a combination of keys on our controller that gives us access to different functions.

  • It is necessary to be attentive to the combination of keys to go to the emulator menu normally Select + X.
  • From this menu we have access to special functions and configuration settings.

BIOS files for some emulators

Although this system can also download the BIOS file needed to run the emulator if we have problems we can do it manually and place it in the corresponding folder.

  • Each BIOS file must have an exact name, check here.
  • You can download HERE the BIOS, you can also find them in other Internet sites with the above file name.


We can use any Gamepad that detects our system. If we are using a TV-Box with Android we must test that the controller is detected correctly and that we can move around the environment using all the buttons that we will use later in the emulator. If the system does not detect the controller we will not be able to use it to play, normally the following are compatible:

EmuELEC Gamepad Configuration

To configure correctly our controllers we have to assign the buttons correctly in each profile, we can do it in a generic way for all or in detail for each controller that we have.

  1. Enter into the Settings (top cog wheel in KODI).
  2. Access the menu System > Input > Configure attached controller.
  3. Assign the buttons and levers of our controller.
  4. Inside Get More… we have more types of controllers and options.



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