How to install a web browser like Chrome on our Smart TV with Android TV

One of the limitations of Smart TVs with Android TV system is the lack of an internet browser installed by default and today we will explain in a simple way how to install Chrome or what alternatives we have to solve this.

Internet browsers on our Smart TV can provide us with a system as to consult pages occasionally in a comfortable way and with the right peripherals we can use it almost like a small PC. It also has its limitations in compatibility and power needed in some cases, but if we assume these drawbacks can be useful.

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To install a web browser on Android TV we have several methods. On the one hand we can install browsers other than Chrome from the system’s own app store that are already designed to be used on a Smart TV with the remote control and on the other hand we can install Chrome using its APK file, since it does not appear in the Android TV app store.

Installing browsers using Google Play TV store

In the app store of the Android TV system we have browsers designed for use in this system that are quite manageable with the remote control of our Smart TV or TV-Box with this system. To use them we just have to directly download the app from the store.

  • Puffin TV:  is the browser with more experience in Android TV systems.
  • TV Web Browser:  is a valid alternative if the previous one gives us problems with any web.

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If we want to use the Chrome app because we like that environment we can do it without problems, but we must take several points into account before starting.

  • The Chrome app is not available in Google Play on Android TV and must be installed manually.
  • It can not be launched directly from the list of Android TV apps and you have to use a launcher.
  • To control it we recommend use a mouse or keyboard compatible with our Smart TV.

Install Chrome using our Smartphone sending it to Android TV

Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and simple apps to install any APK on our target device is to use the app Send Files to TV, we can find it in any app store with a simple search.

  • Download Chrome APK.
  • Install Sideload Launcher from Android TV Store
  • Install on our mobile and Smart TV the app Send Files to TV, follow our tutorial.
  • Once installed Chrome we can run it using the app Sideload Launcher installable from Google Store TV.

Install using a PC and a USB stick

If we do not want to use an app like the previous one, we can install the Chrome app using a USB stick connected to our Smart TV and use a file explorer to add it to our list of apps.

  • Download Chrome APK.
  • Install Sideload Launcher from Android TV Store
  • Copy APK file to a USB stick.
  • On the Smart TV inside Android activate:
    – Security > Restrictions > Unknown sources > We give permission to our file explorer.
  • Install a file explorer such as File manager, X-Plore or any other similar.
  • Run file explorer on Android TV.
  • Search for APK file on the USB, run it and accept permissions.
  • If we have problems with permissions we can give them manually to the app:
    – Android TV = Settings > Application > Permissions > Storage > OK.
  • Once Chrome is installed we can run it using the Sideload Launcher app installable from Google Store TV.

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