Netflix error NW-6-404 on Android TV-Box and solution

If yesterday we published about the Netflix error NW-6-404 that affected certain TV-Boxes not certified by this company today it seems that we have a fix for some of them, with an apk we can regenerate the TV-Box certificate system and make it again valid to playback Netflix in HD quality. For now it is only compatible with some affected TV-Box.


In this devices without official Netflix support we can see this service in resolution of 854×480 up to 960×540, in these models we need to install the app manually and control it with a mouse if our remote is not compatible.


This method don’t work anymore, Netflix ban this boxes from HD Quality.

  • M8S Pro L / Pro W / Pro Plus / Pro (S912) / K Series / A95x Pro / KM8

Update method

  • Download the BurnKeyTools APK
  • Install APK on the TV-Box. Requires activating “Unknown origins”
  • Run the app and click on the button Click to burn Key
  • After a few seconds the message Success will appear and we can use Netflix normally
  • If you see the message Not supported key, our TV-Box is not compatible with this app
  • For unsupported models you still have to wait for a new app
  • NOTE: If you have problems to boot Netflix try a factory reset of the TV-Box


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Petar Zencovich

Guy…when you say “HD”, other than 1080p, do you also get 5.1+ or 5.1 at the very least? Thank you!

after doing this on my ms8 pro now i get a “sorry we could not reach the netflix service. please check network settings to connect to an available network and use netflix (-100).

Of course i have checked my connection and all other apps have internet access.

master reset the box to stock and it still does it

luke savory

Box is blocked?! What does that mean. What exactly did i do to my box by running that apk? now i cant get hulu to work either and it was running just fine! How do i undo what has been done to the box?


I have the same problem on Mecool K III PRO – error -100. Tried factory reset , other versions of Netflix – no progress. Earlier it worked for a few weeks with burnkey 1.03 tool


I tried on my Mecool M8S Pro l and it did burn the key. But now I get -100 error


Did so. Didn’t help. Any other suggestions?


Does work but only low resolution. I think BurnKeyTools APK messed my box up somehow. Because after that I burned the key it started giving me the -100 error. Any other suggestions? Otherwise I’ll buy a new box I guess.


Any solution for mecool kII pro?


Hey how can we help to get the km8 models fixed?


Rafael Sorto

It doesn’t work I get the same error 🙁


M8S Pro L is not working 🙁
You can install it, but netflix still write the same error…


I installed a Nexus ROM, and BurnKeyTools was the first thing that I installed, after Netflix.
You still think the same?


wont allow me to download to m8s pro l tried usb..wont recognize usb


You are THE BEST. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was trying to fix it for more than 1 month. I tried several patches, solutions etc. I sent 4 emails to GearBest. Nothing worked! ONLY your solution worked: burnkey apk!)!!!. Thank you.


Didnt work with my A95x Pro 🙁


Hi, why does the apk needs permission to “directly call phone numbers” and other Intrusive permissions?


Thank you so much, YOU ROCK, It saved me on my M8S Pro W


Brilliant, worked on my KIII Pro. Thanks!


Thx, saved my Pro Plus, the apk 1.03 version is working fine.


Saved my day, followed your instructions and it worked perfectly, thank you very much.


But is it save? some APK virusscanners found a Trojan in the file!


these were found: Ad-Aware: Android.Riskware.Agent.gBQJG
Antiy-AVL: Trojan[Dropper]/Android.Rootnik
Arcabit: Android.Riskware.Agent.gBQJG
Babable: PUP.HighConfidence
BitDefender: Android.Riskware.Agent.gBQJG
Emsisoft: Android.Riskware.Agent.gBQJG (B)
F-Secure: Android.Riskware.Agent
MAX: malware (ai score=73)
MicroWorld-eScan: Android.Riskware.Agent.gBQJG
TrendMicro-HouseCall: Suspicious_GEN.F47V0809


I can confirm it works fine with M8S Pro+, fabulous job, you save my day and device 🙂 Thanks a lot.


Works perfectly on M8S Pro L (LS)
Thanks a lot !


there is no solution yet for M8S Pro ?


Not yet for the M8S PRO.


I installed a custom rom on the box, this error popped up, bit for me this app worked fine.


quale rom hai utilizzato?
Ho seguito questo “M8S Pro (S912), puoi usare anche questo firmware .” ma non è android tv


Thank you just bought Mecool M8S L, Netflix worked great, then error, this fixed it!, Thank you so much!, Great work! Very kind.


Me too . It was driving me nuts . This took no time and worked .